Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dance Space

Frantically starting to add a little choreography to my number for Saturday. Nothing concrete, just some direction.

I usually practice in my bedroom in a 3ft-ish square space in front of the dresser mirror. It is more of pantomime than practice. I was just practicing and got to a part I wanted to do some spins. So, I ran into the kitchen, practiced the spins, then ran back to the bedroom to continue the rest of the song.

You would wonder why I just don't practice in the kitchen.

Sometimes, I take my cheap $5 "closet mirror" into the hallway and practice 3-step turns down the length of the hall. That usually ends poorly.

Anyone else have the an outstanding practice space like I do?


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The Pale Lady said...

In my bedroom between the bed and closet mirror.
The furniture set up in there gives me an L shaped path to work with. So if I'm practicing, I know eventually I have to do a turn.