Friday, April 24, 2009

Ah the wonders of BD in the Midwest

Here is a recent conversation over-heard at local store between 2 checkout girls. Names have been edited out of courtesy. The "..." are parts I can't remember.

"You should take bellydance class with me. I'm gonna take bellydance classes."


"With this lady named, *dancer's name*. Her website says she has chocolate."

Other girl looks confused.

"...I mean, you don't really loose weight. Just gain muscle," she chuckles. Then "...rock hard abs under a whole bunch of fat..."

"...No, she's a big 'ol girl"

"Is that the *other dance troupe name*?"

"No," makes a face, "pfft."

"...but you get to paint your face."

At this point, I didn't know if I should laugh or throw something, so I checked out and left without saying a word.

On a different note, I have discovered I have a weird gray area where on the one hand I enjoy being hired to dance for parties and such. Yet on the other hand, I hate being treated like a party favor, the whole, "You'll dance at my party and entertain me because that is what you do."

I can't explain the difference but sometimes it just puts a bad taste in my mouth.


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Melody said...

I can understand about the not wanting to be treated like a party favor. I don't think I could dance at a bachelor party either. I would feel weird. They wouldn't understand the difference, know what I mean?