Monday, March 30, 2009

Recession Costuming

Here are some experiments I've been doing to with old costume pieces to make them look like new costumes. I am wearing the same bedlah in both pics. Above you see me using a long strip of red cloth wrapped around my shoulders like a shrug, then looped around my bra straps, over the cups, and under the center strap. So in essence, I've changed the look of the bra without any sewing. (I of course would use a color fabric that actually matches if I wore this on stage.)

Some of you may have heard of wearing harem pants as arm/sleeve pieces. Here I have on a pair of very billowy harem pants and matching skirt. The pants are worn like a shrug with my arms through the leg holes. Two different looks for the same bedlah and no sewing.


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Dina said...

awesome! since i cant sew i definitely have to try this out

The Pale Lady said...

Thats really creative. Neato.

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