Thursday, March 12, 2009

Greek Night part 2

(oops, I previously published this before I was done blogging. It is now updated and complete)


I got to see Jemina and friend (told you I would forget your name!), Autumn, Amber, Ananya, Lucinda, Maria, and 2 more BD ladies (I'm blanking on names again).

There were 2 birthdays, one of which I danced with the bday boy long enough for his friends to snap cell phone pics. The other gave me a shot of ouzo (yuk) but I took it in stride. BTW, it was after my set, I was in plain clothes, and politely left thereafter.

Here is how the coin wrap and remnant skirt turned out. It looks very Indian doesn't it? As for the top, I used a smaller coin wrap to cover an old bra, found some matching ribbon to cover the straps (covered, as in like tacked on with thread, no rocket science) and then took a strip of cloth left over from the remnant skirt and literally hung it around my shoulders like a shawl tucking the ends into the front bra straps. It isn't attached to anything. Just held on by the awesome power of my boobs.

The coin bra turned out nice enough I have no quawms about using my old green hip wrap to cover another bra.

I forgot my tray of candles at the DJ table after the show.

Next Greek Night is Saturday, May 30th.


Jen said...

Did you make your top? I would LOVE instructions.

someone's mom said...

Are those the pictures I took? If they are pretty good for a blind woman!

Naima said...

Yeah, not bad for just pointing and clicking. lol