Monday, March 09, 2009

Greek Night part 1

Friday after work I had the unfortunate business of burying a dead cat we found in front of our garage. Not sure why it died either. I spent the rest of the day vegging on the couch instead of practicing or sewing.

Saturday was split in half, first I played Half Life 2, then did last minute costume sewing. GN went very well. The house was totally packed all the way out to every last chair on the patio. The poor wait staff had their hands full. I always feel bad for them because they really bust their butts all night, but we walk away with half their tip money. Here are the first batch of pics from GN.

That is Sa'dia's beau in this pic with her. I just realized he was multi-tasking in his left hand. HaHa)

I will have pics of the red coin wrap and remenant skirt in the second half.

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The Pale Lady said...

That looks like so much fun.