Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Architects of Narghilé

To start off my Valentine's weekend, I received my Rembetika Hipsters CD - Architects of Narghilé Friday after work. I have been waiting for some time to buy it and finally had the money. RH is an awesome Greek band based out of Calgary who I would love, love, love to see live. Unfortunately, airfare from here to anywhere is stupid.

Here is a sample:

I plan on dancing to their music next Greek Night on March 7th. Some day I will see them live. I've never been to Canada after all.

For Valentine's day, the husband person "gave" me the squirrel he caught in our basement <-That's love right there. We've been trying for months to catch them running from our attic to our basement through the walls. (He caught a second one on Sunday).

Then we drove it to a cemetery and set it free. Valentine's at a cemetery. How goth-y is that? =P

The cemetery is down the street from my mom and sister. Hopefully, the squirrel won't move into their house.

Then I picked up some knitting needles for around $2.50 and started teaching myself basic garter stitches. This was a bad idea because my wrist pain started back up pretty strong while working last week and knitting a few rows only exacerbated it more. Not to mention I thoroughly suck at it. Once my pain lessens, I figure I will make potholders for practice since I have so many crocheted scarves.

We failed at having a VHS marathon and ended up having a Fallout 3 marathon instead. I finished the main quest, was sad, and reloaded my old save and continued playing.

This is my new best friend Fawkes, aka "Joe the Super Mutant". I also enjoy playing with "Joe the Feral Ghoul Roamer" and "Joe the slaver."


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The Pale Lady said...

How'd you hurt your wrist?

Naima said...

It is progressive wrist/arm pain over the past 5 or so yrs now. (I've had my desk/computer job for 8 yrs). I had a nerve test done last summer that came back clear. My Dr. says it's tendinitis not carpel tunnel. I have good days and bad days. This week has been bad.

someone's mom said...

I caught a mouse last night eating Carly's blue corn chips. Do you think the squirrel needs some company? It would be all in the family. I think they would look good together.