Thursday, January 08, 2009


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So you remember this big long post last April when I got my navel pierced and I was talking about how I find piercings and tattoos distracting on BD'ers? Well, I am a little addicted to piercings now. Looking at all of the cool jewelry is addictive, like shoe shopping. I got my lip and ear (industrial) pierced with my Christmas money over New Year's weekend. Surprisingly, my ear hurt way more than my lip and is currently scabby and unattractive. My lip, however, is making eating a big ordeal. Not because it hurts but because of the placement and long length of post I have for any swelling issues. I have to wait a few weeks before down sizing it. In the meantime, it clicks the ledge of my gums where they meet my front teeth. I have to hold my lip in precarious potions away from my teeth so I can chew without catching it. Picture me holding my lip out, mouth hanging open, chomping, spitting, and slurping while trying to chew. Makes the husband person laugh. Then I laugh. Which hurts. And then we laugh more. Endless cycle ensues.

So anyway, I don't know why I was quite so opinionated and distracted by piercing/tattoos and body mod before (especially on Bdancers). The more of it I see the more I appreciate it. Like art. The more museums, paintings, architecture you see the more you understand and appreciate the art. (The same with how I view BD. I feel silly just realizing this now.) I thought of this National Geographic pic of a skeleton unearthed in Herculaneum wearing gold rings and that got me thinking about past cultures, wondering what kind of body mod they did. Unless they drew a picture of it on a wall or something you wouldn't really know. Once in a while they find a mummy with tattoos on the skin but otherwise all of the skin decomposes so you never know what ancient people really did. Kind of like we don't really know what color dinosaurs where. These are my random thoughts of the day.



Sydney Hell said...

I have followed you for a little bit, I am just starting back up with belly dance after a long break. And so I just wanted to take the time to say you are a rockin' girl and you totally inspire me!

Naima said...

Awesome, Thanks!
I appreciate the comments. I usually assume I am just talking to myself.

Good luck with your dance!

Carly Ann said...

Well now I see this post... lol. I know what you mean about holding your lip... lol. I was so sad about it being so hard to eat when I first got my lip done. Now it goes through stages of being shitty again. Just recently I had to (basically) re-pierce it just last night after I didn't have anything in it for just about an hour. Ouch.