Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Oops

my igoogle throughout the day.

Someone just sent me a "If I don't see you, Happy Thanksgiving" text at 8am. And in my sleepy haze of hitting snooze every 5 mins. and hearing my phone I totally deleted it.

I think I know who it was from but I don't want to say just in case I'm wrong 'cause I will feel like an ass. Still not fully conscious. So, this is to "you" whoever you are,

"Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving to you too! See you soon."

We will be going down to the Hollar for a few days once I get off work. Hope everyone travels safe and if you are dumb enough to go shopping on Black Friday maybe you are dumb enough to buy me cool stuff while you are out...I mean smart enough. Yeah, I meant smart.


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