Thursday, November 06, 2008

Costume Challenge

So, Greek Night is Saturday and I'm really really tired of wearing the same 2 or 3 costumes over and over (for what 4 years now?) I have more costumes than that but the are my fancy fancy ones that I don't really want to wear to the restaurant. Not to mention that I am broke.

I am going to try to put together two of the September / October 2008 Dancer Designs costumes by Saturday for only $20. And that is really only because I probably need a new bra to go with it.

Sounds impossible I know but I have plenty of skirts already. All I really need it some matching scarves and some broaches for pinning. I think I can do it for super cheap by hitting up the Jewelry and Handbag store or that new $1 jewelry store everyone is talking about. I also have plenty of random jewelry and broken mismatched bling I can use to fancy it up a bit.

Anyone else want to take this challenge with me? How cheap and fabulous can you put this costume together? Send me links to your pics in the comments section.


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PS. I am very happy about the election. For once I voted for the guy who actually won! That only took like a decade.

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