Monday, October 06, 2008

Light the Night Tally

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Windy, cardboard box, crummy arms, oh well.

My final total raised for Light the Night was $79, HOOOO!

Doing the last minute panic before Hips Noir this weekend. I'm so frustrated with my fusion piece I think I will just beat my choreography notebook on stage.

BTW, if any of you are coming to the Read My Hips workshop this weekend, I recommend dance shoes and a yoga mat or towel. The concrete floors at GX are not that friendly.


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Sa'dia said...

Yeah, it wouldn't have been a bad stage setting (for a non dance related outdoor venues at least) expect for that DAMN CARDBOARD BOX! ugh. I didn't notice that he just dumped it over the front of the stage. Oh well, all things considered, that really isn't that bad.

BTW: I didn't think your arms were crummy. You were the opening dancer at an outdoor Springfield show... the deck was stacked against you :( Thanks for taking one for the team!