Friday, September 19, 2008

Weekend Update

The Light the Night Walk is only 2 weeks away here in Springfield, Saturday, Oct. 4th.

I will be preforming with the other BD ladies walking under the Recherche Team sometime after 6pm but before the walk begins at sunset. You are welcome come watch or walk with us. I have raised $25 already. Please donate in any amount to help fund research for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Visit My Light the Night Donation Page to donate.

I am leaving tonight for Hootin an Hollarin. I promise to film some of the dancing and post it here. I will also have some funnel cake and other tasty country fair goods!

Now playing: Dungeons and Dragons the animated series (Did You Know, "The level of violence was controversial for children's television at the time, and the script of one episode, "The Dragon's Graveyard", was almost shelved because the characters contemplated killing their nemesis, Venger.[1] In 1985, the National Coalition on Television Violence claimed it was the most violent show on network television.") HAPPY 25TH ANN!

Now eating: baked apple with cinnamon, sugar, vanilla ice cream, and coffee...yes, fine


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