Tuesday, September 09, 2008

RMT + Naima

I found another group photo of me with the Red Moon Tribe ladies from the Buffalo workshop on Mouse's myspace. Why am I the only one cheesing like a gooftard?

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Mood: pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies PUMPKINS!

So our coffee maker broke. Well, kind of. It still makes coffee, but half of it leaks out of the maker from some unknown area and puddles on the kitchen counter. Considering I don't much care for counter-top-squeegeed coffee I consider the maker broken.



Carly Ann said...

Coffee maker fail. :(

I have small coffee maker that I'm not using if you want to use it. It's only a one or two cup coffee maker, but it does work and I don't need it at all. Oh, and it's a pimp HBO/Cinemax brand coffee maker. lol. Text me if you want it. I know you are pretty dependent on the coffees. :)

Naima said...

Thx for the offer but I stole the maker from GX until I can get to the store. However, an HBO maker is pretty pimp.
BTW, you and Zac have me hooked on Fail blog!