Friday, August 22, 2008

Vijay Vaswani

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This is a cool dance by Vijay. A sort of Indian, Bollywood, American, fusiony mix to a really fun song. I liked it a lot. I liked that he sang along. Sometimes, people act like it is a big faux pas to sing along while dancing.

My train of thought went as follows...

His look reminds me of Michael Jackson...

No...he is totally sportin' the "Naveen Andrews"

Then, "I bet he dances to pick up my ex-husband. Not that my ex-husband danced...but the pick up chicks part."

Then I had a Color Me Bad flashback

Then I found this. You totally have to watch the first 30 seconds or so because that is what I was imagining while watching Vijay's video.

Then there was an explosion of glitter confetti and I couldn't help but giggle outloud. It was so awesome I had to watch it again. I did a google search on Vijay to find out more about him but failed =(

I want Vijay to do a workshop. I would so be there!

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MrMagik said...

A STAR in the Making...
Wow! This kid is an excellent dancer, full of energy and enthusiasm.