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Get Your Greek On

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Here are some great Greek videos to get you in the mood for the next Greek Night at Galloway Station.

(Here is the info from Youtube for the above video)
A greek song that became a mega hit in Greece as the main score for a popular TV series that had the same name - "Psithiri Kardias" (Whispers of the heart). It was directed by Manousos Manousakis, was aired in the late 90's and was about the love between a Greek guy and Greek gippsy woman. The series acquired impressive numbers of 'fans' and the song itself was played EVERYWHERE in Greece.
This time, Dimitris Basis performs his song on the popular Greek entertainment TV show 'Stin Igia Mas', hosted by Spiros Papadopoulos.

Like a previous upload of my mine ( ), the main reason including this one as well, is to show another example of how 'gifted' greek girls can be in dancing and how nicely the greek adaption of belly dancing fits in our 'hours of fun'. It can be as much formal as informal, performed wherever in mood and wherever it simply feels right - One fine example of how sensual and luscious Greek women can be, and how fun and lively Greeks are in general!


[ Lyrics / Stixoi ]

- English Translation by ratGT

The moon like a boat it streamed on the body,
he secretly spoke to us about lawless oceans.
With eyes in flames, with untamed words,
i canceled for you stops and borders.

[ Chorus ]
I didn't think for moment what I must do & what I mustn't
I lethally fell in love with you.
All the steps are leading to you,
even if I have to cross forty waves.
[- Chorus ]

The moon like a boat inside our bed,
our caresses redeem even our love.
On maps and cities with whispers of heart,
all that wasn't meant for us will burn, my light.

. . . [- Chorus ]


Karavi to feggari sto soma kilise,
gia anoma pelayi krifa mas milise.
Me matia anammena, me loyia animera
kataryisa yia sena stathmous ke sinora.

[ Chorus ]
Ti prepi, ti den prepi, stigmi den skeftika,
ego mehri thanatou se eroteftika.
Se senane me pane ola ta vimata,
ki as ine na peraso sarada kimata.
[- Chorus ]

Karavi to feggari mes sto krevati mas,
ta hadia mas litroni ke tin agapi mas.
Se hartes ke se polis me psithirous kardias
tha kegonde osa, fos mou, den itane gia mas.

. . . [- Chorus ]


Καράβι το φεγγάρι στο σώμα κύλησε,
για άνομα πελάγη κρυφά μας μίλησε.
Με μάτια αναμμένα, με λόγια ανήμερα
κατάργησα για σένα σταθμούς και σύνορα.

[ Ρεφρέν ]
Τι πρέπει, τι δεν πρέπει, στιγμή δεν σκέφτηκα,
εγώ μέχρι θανάτου σε ερωτεύτηκα.
Σε σένανε με πάνε όλα τα βήματα,
κι ας είναι να περάσω σαράντα κύματα.
[- Ρεφρέν ]

Καράβι το φεγγάρι μες στο κρεβάτι μας,
τα χάδια μας λυτρώνει και την αγάπη μας.
Σε χάρτες και σε πόλεις με ψίθυρους καρδιάς
θα καίγονται όσα, φως μου, δεν ήτανε για μας.

. . . [- Ρεφρέν ]

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