Monday, June 30, 2008

A Day in the Life of...

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Yea! Bellydance pics on a bellydance blog. There's a concept. Ananya and I car pooled to Global Dance Collective's 1yr. Anniversary on Saturday. I remembered to take my camera. Only about half of the pics I took came out. The rest were all blurry. The view screen on the back of my camera is going out. If you guys would just pitch in and buy me a new camera I promise I would take more BD pics.

Global Dance 1yr Ann.

Amira and the cutest Little Egypt Costume ever...

Then we headed back to GX for DJ Darkboy's bday party. First we made him wear a blue tiara with marabou trim.

Then we gave him a cake that looked like a butt.

Then we all had a piece of ass

If you are ever stumped on what kind of gift to get someone, you can never go wrong with zombies...

Box o' Zombie
"Hey stop trying to take pictures of me!"

"I'll just do this so you can't see me."
"I don't like you anymore."
"Heh, Heh, Heh..."
More crochet

Mouse toy, has been tossed around on the floor a bit.

Goth Penguin for Darkboy's Bday

Lastly, to make you feel warm and fuzzy...the cutest kitty ever!


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