Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Buffalo Workshop part 2

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*more workshop pics stolen from Maharet's myspace

Ananya and I changed with the Evolution Dance Co. Ladies, Alia, and Amira at the Buffalo Motel. The motel was more of a gathering of small cabin-like structures with low ceilings, wood paneling, and curtains made out of terry cloth towels. It was small but clean. All told, I think we had a least 10 people in there at a time. Brody (the male), was kicked out on the porch though. Sorry, lol! And hey, what's up with the whole gas thing? I didn't eat the bread, humus, or tabbouleh but I still snuck around leaving little poofs of smoke when no one was nearby. What's the deal?

Laleh opened the show with a really awesome number that I had never heard/seen before. Then she did this super cute song with those hand flicks and clapping. It was so contagious, by the time I got on stage I couldn't help but flick my hands too. I'm such a copy cat. I probably would have stuck my finger in my mouth if I was more sure of what it meant, LOL! AND we both had on yellow, 'cause we're just that awesome, hahahaha! See, I have to get inspiration where I can. I'm not exactly fit enough to be jumping and rolling and back bending all over like the Evolution ladies can do. 'Cause I'm lazy and that looks like hard work, LOL!

I made sure to watch every performance even if that meant making out a little with the basketball goals backstage in order to see through the side door. It really perturbs me when workshop teachers don't watch the show. Part of what people pay for is the opportunity to show the instructor what they have learned and want to share. I went to a workshop/show once where the teacher didn't watch the show. She hid until her time to perform, went on early in the show, changed back into regular clothes, and then stood in the very back of the room talking out loud with the vendor and COMPLETELY ignored the dancers. I know this because I was standing toward the back where I could stretch out and still see the performance. She stood back there and talked for a good hour until the show was over, never once looking at the stage. This bothered me for 2 reasons. One, because we paid a lot of money to take her class and had to listen to her talk about how awesome her husband was ALL DAY. Second, because after I noticed that she wasn't watching the show, I saw every performer scan the front rows looking to see if she was in the audience and seeing their confusion and disappointment. She had an “assistant” for class and everything. With as big of a diva as she was, you'd think she would at least have pretended to watch the other dancers, if only to intimidate them. So yeah, I watched all the performances. Novice, experienced, new, and old. Even the numbers I've seen before. I watched them again. The ladies paid for my time and attention and they got it. I really suck at remembering the order and names and spelling so...

Cute pink beret – I really, REALLY know her name, but can't remember to save my life. She did a super cute Bhangra hip hop fusion in a baby pink outfit. I liked it a lot.

Laleh – previously mentioned.

Karen Elizabeth Culp – AKA. KC, she made “the face” and danced in an Elvisy bright turquoise costume with bling and flared pants. What more could you want? Have I seen those purple appliques before?

Amira Haddar – Veil and drum. Probably the best performance I've ever seen her do. You Go!

Meira Nawal – A fun troupe number. Only the second time I've seen them perform. They came all the way up from AR. I wish I could travel down to see them in their hood for once.

Alia – I love this number. She danced it at GDC a few months ago. I was dancing to it back stage.

Ananya – the sea-nymph goddess. I told you pop and lock! We may have started a trend with the obnoxious tiger lilies in our hair, LOL

Ozark Mountain Gypsies – I've also seen this one in the past, but not with 4 people. Their name is O.M.G., haha. That's funny.

RMT – Cotton-Eyed-Joe. Seen this one before but it is now updated. Always fun. Someday I will have denim fringe too.

Tasia and Amira – They played zills way better than I can. Well, ok, they actually play the zills and I don't. Not yet anyway. I only saw a bit of this from back stage.

Emma – her first solo. If I compared my first solo to hers...well she could kick my ass hands down.

Zivah – working the no-choreography sword. Hell yes, we're all about ad lib! NTM I can't roll on the floor w/sword like she can.

Kirmizi Tribe - the RMT student troupe. I've seen the basket dance before. I am jealous of their kuchi. I don't own any.

Evolution Dance Co. - Once again, kicking ass and taking names. I would beat them up and steal their costumes but there are three of them and only one of me =(

Raqssafar (Sisters of the Moon) - They did 2 numbers, one old school Jasara style and one fusion. It is good to see the Jasara legacy still going. AND Maharet's costume stayed in one piece!

Of course at the end of the show everyone who performed received a rose. I received a huge glass vase full of roses, a red and gold earring/necklace set, and a blue metallic bendy snake that I wore as a necklace while we all had pictures taken. I like the free gifts the best! Mom told my husband it was like I was a celebrity the way everyone wanted a pic with me. But I totally do the same thing. Here are a few...

1. Naima, Vashti, and KC

2.KC, Nagwa Fouad, Naima

3. Naima and Raffa

4. Naima, Mishaal, and friends from AR.

5. Naima, Suzzana Delvecchio, Laleh, and Zahava aka KC (this pic didn't come out so I did a stick-figure rendtion of it instead, but it totally would have looked like this.)

I was so tired and hungry when we left I completely forgot to get paid. I called Maharet and left a message. She was so busy that she packed her cell phone in her dance bag and didn't get my message until the next day. But we finally got it figured out. We drove back to Springfield to GX and saw Strip debut. They are reformed from the band Labwrk. I was extremely exhausted by this point and was probably drooling on myself. Somehow I managed to stay until close help clean up, get home, was my face, and pass out on the couch around 3am. I spent the next 2 days OD'ing on Xbox360 playing Shivering Isles on Oblivion. I was sore and tired like having a hang over only different. I talked with Maharet briefly about who she plans on having teach next year and I am excited. I will not say here until it is solidified.

I feel like I left something out but if I wait any longer to post this I will just forget more. As you can see from my previous post, Mom and I got the yellow, and now orange, costume wearable. It has no lining and the belt was held on with a pony tail holder and a safety pin. I'm not kidding. Ananya said it looked like a bucket of sherbet vomited on me. Well said!


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I was wondering if you could watch this girl belly dancing on Britain's Got Talent and tell me if she's any good.

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