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Crochet Zill Muff Pattern

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This pattern will fit Medium size zills, such as Saroyan, Nefertiti MC-100, approx. 2-1/16". You may change this pattern to fit your needs. I experimented until it worked for me. This is also my first written pattern. I am a novice at crochet. I will do my best to answer questions but for help I suggest you check out and You may copy this for personal use but please do not use it for profit.

Medium weight, worsted yarn (I used left overs). Size H (5.00m) hook.
Gauge- muffs will be stretchy, gauge is not really important
Ch=chain stitch
St= stitch
Sc=single crochet
Dc=double crochet
Tc=triple crochet
Yo=yarn over
Tog= working together 2st into one. Put hook through 1st st, yo and pull through. Put hook through next st, yo and pull through. You now have 3 loops on your hook. Now yo and pull through the first 2 loops, leaving 2 loops on hook. Yo again and pull through remaining 2 loops, leaving 1 loop on hook.
Pattern (make 4):
Make an adjustable loop with 6 ch. (Here is how to make the loop I used-

Round 1
– 2sc in each ch, (you will then have 12st).

Round 2
- ch 3 (counts as 1st tc), starting in 1st st from the 3ch you just made [tc in 1st st, 2tc in next st]. Repeat steps between [ ] all the way around. (you will end with 19st including the 1st ch).

Round 3
– ch 1, {tog into the next 2st, then dc into each of the next 2st}. Repeat steps between {} all the way around, stopping before the last dc. (you will end with 14st).
Finishing – slip stitch into the next st, tie off and trim.

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