Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blood of the Merchant King

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Thought you might be interested in seeing a video game bellydance. Here is a video from Assassin's Creed, an XBOX 360 game, that I've been playing. I thought of trying to video it myself but found a clip on youtube.

There is a scene, ("Blood of the Merchant King,") that I was highly impressed with. Usually, dancers in video/computer games look choppy and fake, but this game did a wonderful job of producing a believable dancer who does REAL BD moves. When I got to this part of the game I just sat there and watched them for a long time telling my husband how awesome it looked...considering.

There are 4 dancers in the scene. This video shows one dancer briefly around the 0:43 sec mark. The assassin walks right past her. The dance lasts a fairly long time before it loops and is a pretty interesting combo for that matter. Unfortunately, this shows just a glimpse.

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