Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bellydance Bug

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Got sick again last week. Tried to pretend I wasn't getting sick and took lots of vitamins but it finally caught up to me Friday with a fever and all. Feeling much better now that I've slept about 3 days of my life away. Unfortunately, that means I've been up since 7pm yesterday and I'm starting to fade a bit, (this was on Monday).

In my delusional state of sickness and too much sleep, I worked both on my choreography and my yellow costume (almost done!) And now, after what has been about a year of bellydance stagnation, I feel I have the bellydance bug again, (at least that's what the fever tells me.) I was even going to go to Sunday's meetup but the fever told me I probably shouldn't.

Greek Night is in 3 weeks and I'm actually kind of excited about it. The workshop in Buffalo is only 12 weeks away now too. If only I had $$ for class. Instead, I've been surfing and link hopping from one BD site to another

  • If I happen to fall into $255, plus money for gas and a hotel by August, I would totally be going to Yaa Halla Y'all 2008!
  • Delilah's coin trick video, my favoritest (<-is a word) stupid human BD trick, (see also this link to her videos page).

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Jemina said...

You can take off the gas money and caravan down to Ya Halla Yall with us!