Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Why We Dance

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Here is a great post about what makes bellydance so special on BellyLorna's Blog.

I've been pretty busy this past week. I retaught myself to single stitch crochet (making a scarf), worked on choreography, started sewing my dress for the Voltaire show, rereading Jane Eyre, writing in my diary (like a real paper one), and all the other stuff I do with my two jobs. No video games though and very little TV. I see a few PBS specials while I am crocheting and the weather, but that is it.

Must do more work now...



Ananya said...

That was awesome! Very inspiring!

Young Vic said...

The benefit to confusing your body in this manner is that not only will you burn calories during your dance activity, but you will continue to burn calories long after you stop.