Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Crochet Dress Pattern

Now wishing: I was off work so I could go shopping for yarn
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When I was in elementary school, my mother showed me how to do some basic crochet. I remember crocheting a baby blanket for a friend every day on the bus on my way to school, (it took almost an hour one way). Afterward, I lost interest, as I did with all of the sewing Mom showed me and I haven't crocheted since.

Then I found a crochet pattern for

<-This Crochet Dress

With some modifications like thicker yarn, longer skirt, add some bra cups, etc. would make an awesome bellydance dress. Just find some awesome sparkly yarn and you're good to go.

<- Like this Dress from Dahlal

Why did I stop crocheting? Why didn't I pay attention to my mother when she tried to teach me sewing and crafts?!!!

Making whiney-poopy face here-> =\

I also found this vendor link that I have never visited before. Some nice costumes that are pretty reasonable. The Belly Dance Store. Still out of my price range for the time being =\


I almost forgot, I worked on choreography for the workshop last night. Got it half way done. I think it is turning out better than I expected. It's not too difficult but with just enough going on to make it fun. Yea me!


Jason said...

Y'know... I just happen to know a gal that could help you out with your crochet project.

belly dancing costume said...

hmmmm. I really like that belly dancing costume....

belly dance costumes said...

wonder if taht comes in different colors