Saturday, November 03, 2007



When I first became interested in Bellydance I started researching it online, bought a teaching video, and such. I finally contacted Yasmine, a local teacher, who invited me to see Troupe Sarrab perform at a multicultural fair. I got there late and had trouble finding my way into the main auditorium. There was already a dancer on stage. She had a short grey bob haircut with a dark colored outfit and simple hip wrap. She was smiling this big fantastic smile like either she had just shared the best secret with everyone or had the best dessert ever made. She was so happy and content, as if she was just hanging out and playing hop scotch to pass the time. At the end of her performance she blew the audience a big kiss and waved. She was the first real-life bellydancer I ever saw.
That was on a Monday. By Thursday I was in class. I have been dancing ever since.

I found out yesterday (Friday) that Gita passed away on Thursday. She was 84.
I found out through a friend of a friend of a friend.
I guess no one thought to tell me.
I am very sad.

You just have to remember, sometimes you can change people's lives. Even if she never writes about it in her blog, or tells you thank you, or knows that it even happened until it is too late.
You just have to keep dancing.


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