Monday, September 10, 2007

Stuck in a Rut

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I sat down to sew on my costume projects the other day. I bought a piece of orange sari material that compliments my yellow project perfect, but forgot to buy orange thread. So I moved on to the fuchsia and black argyle piece. Well, I am to the part wear I want to add some chiffon inserts (like the pic above) and a belt. No black chiffon. So much for sewing.

I decided to work on an old drawing project that I rediscovered about 3 weeks ago that has been lost for a few years. A few days ago, I spent a good hour looking all over the house trying to figure out where I put it so it, "wouldn't get lost again." No luck there either. Instead I grabbed the promo photo Maharet took and sketched it out a bit just to get the whole, "I wanna make art," thing out of my system. I'm not very pleased with it. I used to be able to do much better but I just don't draw any more.

To top off my lovely weekend, me and the old man are sick with the crud. I am doing my best to try and OD on the herbal "get over cold quicker" tablets and hope it passes very soon.

I also found out that I cannot dance at the next scheduled Greek Night. Luckily, I have a replacement already lined up. I also can't dance at the Light the Night Walk on Oct. 6th. Having 2 full time jobs isn't exactly conducive to happy dancing. My dance calendar looks pretty sad. On a bright note. Maharet told me that she is already getting calls about the workshop for next May. Yay! It should be a lot of fun. I am hoping that by next year I can get back into the groove of going to BD workshops and classes. I have hardly seen any of my dance friends and miss them all very much.



Sa'dia said...

We miss you too.

Crystal said...

It misses the Naima!

(The word I have to type for word verification to post my comment is "onmhauz", which makes me laugh, because it sounds like lolcat speak for 'on my house')