Friday, September 07, 2007

Blast from the past VIII

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So, here I am walking in a St. Patrick's Day parade representing "Irish Gypsies." Despite the fact that bellydance has nothing to do with an Irish religious holiday and that the term "gypsy" is politically incorrect, the real suck ball thing that you don't know is just to the left out of site of the camera.

A week before the parade, a high school boy got shot and killed by another boy and the funeral home is RIGHT THERE! I had just walked past it in the picture. All of the boy's friends and family, wearing dark clothes and giving each other hugs were standing RIGHT THERE (like 50 of them) as the parade goes by with people laughing and cheering, throwing candy to the kids standing out in front of the funeral home. People had the gaul to throw candy at the grieving family's kids!

I had to parade past these people, dressed as an "Irish Gypsy" during a funeral on St Patrick's Day.

The face I am making in the picture is me feeling like a complete idiot.

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