Monday, April 23, 2007

Where's my notes?

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I am dancing next Sat. at a charity gig followed very shortly by Greek Night. Then May 19th I'll be heading to Buffalo for a workshop. So, I decided tonight to dig out the notes from the last choreography I was working on (back in December) and I can't find them! I found every other piece of choreography and BD scrap notes but the ones I'm looking for. Can you decipher my BD code? and no I can't spell.

(This is one of my favorites I wrote during a workshop I took last year.)

Red Moon Tribe performed at SubXero last Saturday. Sorry, but my dark light photo taking skills aren't that good. Their fan dance is pretty cute with an homage to Mortal Kombat. tee hee.

I was going through my BD scrapbook and decided to share some old pics from back in the days when I still had my film developed. I took digital pics of the original print photos (instead of scanning 'cause I'm lazy.) I will post them occasionally in order to fill the void when I have nothing particularly BD to post about.

sleepy time ...

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Crystal The Great said...

Hee! The "WFT?" note cracked me up! She was talking about using the hidden power of your "lady space" to enchant the room. Seriously. No, seriously. And then we ran around in circles and waved our arms in the air.

I don't know about you, but I learned so very much!

I am thinking that I will teach a bellydance workship in which I talk about llamas for an hour, and then we will play musical chairs. It will RULE.