Wednesday, April 18, 2007


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NEVER EVER DANCE BAREFOOT IN A RESTAURANT! I’ve seen pics of dancers in restaurants without shoes. I am not opposed to dancing barefoot. However, there are certain health codes and safety issues at play in a restaurant. Legal stuff. You must wear some sort of foot protection. If not, you could get the restaurant in trouble and no more dancing!

I commonly wear hermes sandals and once in a blue moon these super extra non-sexy tan character shoes. Both of which I purchased through Discount Dance Supply. You can see from the wonderful shape that the hermes are in that restaurant dancing is VERY dirty! And, I am notorious for finding hazardous material, such as broken glass, on the floor. I wear the character shoes only when I need a more “classy” look with some of my more expensive costumes. I know, they don’t look very classy, but compared with the hermes, heels appear more elegant on stage.
If you buy a pair of heels for BD make sure you practice in them. And I don’t just mean once or twice with the song you are going to dance to, but all of the time. If you commonly practice bare or flat footed, throwing a pair of heels on will completely alter your posture and balance. You may have weak ankles or bad knees which might lead to “duck butt” *shudder! Maybe you step on your skirt or veil with your heel. You most likely won’t know it as opposed to feeling it under a pair of flat soled shoes. You may wear blisters on your heels in the first 30mins. of walking out of the house, etc. In the picture I am wearing them around the house for practice and blister resistance training.

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