Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blast from the past VII

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Here's a pic of me doing my very first sword solo. While that is dandy and all, the novel thing about the picture is the weather. Notice the umbrella in the foreground and the yellow poncho clad sound guy in the background. Not to mention the ever so inconspicuous Ryder product placement.
This was the day I learned if you go out on a limb and try learning something new or unique, and are in a troupe, you will most likely get pigeon-holed into being the (insert noun) dancer. For instance, I became the "sword dancer". Not because I was very good, but because I was the only one who had ventured into sword dancing at the time. We also had a "veil dancer," the "duet," etc. So for every show there after, I got to do a sword number. Yeah, that meant I got to dance a solo of sorts, but that meant aside from the troupe number, that's really all I got to do. Because we needed variety in our show, whether or not I wanted to dance at all. Take one for the team...see me sword dancing, in the rain, for the good of humanity.

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