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March Bellydance Adventures

(This post is from 03/10/07. I wrote it before I had pics ready for posting. Please bare with me.)

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It has been a crazy week. First let’s start with the Dickerson Park Zoo gig on Wednesday. According to Asieh it was a function held for the Missouri Parks Department/Association/ something or other. There was a big tent set up outside the zoo proper with a small 10x10 tent next to it for us to get ready in. When we got there, the people inside where having a great time eating, playing trivia games, clapping, and laughing. It sounded like a great crowd. Then there was an announcement about some tour, a few thanks were giving, and then we came on stage. *Surprise Bellydancers!* At that point everyone was finished eating and over half the people left to tour the zoo or go home. The remaining “audience” was sitting in the far corner eating and watching us with puzzled looks on their faces. By our second set almost an hour later everyone but the staff had left. But we danced anyway. The people who hired us were happy with how everything had played out. We also had a couple of folks compliment us. That aside, it was really disappointing. We did get paid, however little it was, and some free BBQ. Add the zoo to my check list of weird dance performances.

I received my gel eyeliner a purchased a few days ago (see a previous post.) Ok, so I paid $7 shipping on this. And while I received it in 2 days, the box was a surprise. I already got rid of the box but it was about the size of a brick and here is what came inside
The eyeliner has a weird consistency like that of watercolor paint before you add water but it glides on very smooth similar to liquid. It has a beautiful deep black matte appearance. But despite its waterproof, smudge proof, tear proof allegations, it still wears off of my inner bottom lid, albeit a little bit slower (corners first, then in the middle.) It also takes longer to apply since you have to paint the cream like substance on a little at a time with a small brush as opposed to pencil or liquid liner application. By the way, it didn’t come with an applicator brush. That is another $12. I happen to have my own. My final decision, while good quality, it is too expensive, time consuming, and didn’t do what I bought it for. I will not be purchasing again.

I left Friday night to meet RMT at Thai Peppers for dinner before we headed out for the Heart Haven retreat. I turned left on Sunshine instead of right from Glenstone and ended up 15 minutes late. So, I was a little flustered when I got there, but we all shared food and once my belly was full I was happy. Turns out Zivah would not be teaching the workshop so we would have the whole weekend to ourselves. Mouse was my copilot in the jeep since I would be leaving a day early to return for SubXero. We made it down to Willow Springs around 10pm, got acquainted with our digs and settled in. Heart Have has a main farm house where the ladies of the property stayed. An old barn converted into an office and ritual area called the Moon Barn. An old chicken coop converted into a bunk house next to an outdoor hot tub (which unfortunately was broken.)

We stayed in a newer building which has a large circular prayer/meditation room with lots of windows and sky light, a small kitchenette, bathroom with compost toilet (I had read about but never before used one, pretty cool) and two side rooms where we all slept. We spent a few hours getting accustomed to our surrounding before heading to bed. Saturday morning, we started with some tea and lounging before breakfast. We laid about in the circle room and colored while RMT discussed upcoming tribe events and practices.

Then we hiked the property stopping at the creek and little waterfall. We toured the Moon barn, chicken coup and garden. We headed back to the main house for lunch. We filled up on the awesome tofu and bean enchiladas before heading back for a nap. I would eat vegetarian meals everyday if I wasn’t such a lazy cook. After our well deserved nap, Zivah taught us the Indian fusion choreography that she was to teach at the workshop. It was very fun and cute. (I've been walking around ever since trying to do all of the hand movements.) Then back to the house for dinner. After which, I packed up said my goodbyes and headed back to Springfield for SubXero. By the time I made it to the house to change the vegetarian food had caught up with me. So I was late for yet another function.

SubXero had a pretty low turn out. When Billiards closed we moved the party to our house just in time for Daylight Savings time to kick in. I really wasn’t in the mood for an after party, but we were able to do some good networking for GX. I’m trying real hard to hold on to the calm relaxed feeling I had when I left Heart Haven but now it’s back to the weekly grind of overtime as a desk jockey.

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