Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Women, Wine, and Cheese...and Irons

1960's travel iron vs 2011 iron. 
The old girl looks snazzy and still works but just doesn't get the job done.

I recently looked in the mirror and noticed a few tiny wrinkles here and there. My skin was chapped and blotchy. My eyes looked a little tired. It is winter after all. And then, suddenly, I realized I am getting older. Just like that, I found myself to be in the target market of commercials for beauty and fitness products for women in their 30's. I became conscious of anti-wrinkle creams, cancer screenings I should start looking into, hair color that covers grays, supplements to rebuild the cartilage in my knee.


I have never been so conscious of my age before now. I know I am not OLD. Age is just a number, blah, blah. I grew up being one of the youngest people in my class, always being teased for being the baby in the group, or always being reminded, “When you get to be my age...” And now, well, I am that age, whatever that means.

Which brings me to Bellydance. There is no age limit in BD. There is no predefined age which you can start or should stop dancing. I have heard many times the older the woman the better the dancer because she has the life experience and emotional maturity to perform at a higher level than an younger woman. The only rule of thumb I can think of with BD is just age gracefully. I mean, there may be some costume limitations, even though I hate to use that word. Limitations. I do not like the idea that at certain ages we should not wear certain clothes even though I agree that I should not be wearing mini skirts when I am in my 60's. At least outside my own home.

Right, so back to me "getting older." Will there be a day I look in the mirror and tell myself I am getting to old for this? At what point will I decide I will no longer perform unless I wear a tummy cover and long sleeves? Will I even realize I am “too old” for certain choices and make a fool out of my old crazy self? Will I be in my 60's wearing mini skirts with lipstick on my teeth and toilet paper stuck to my dance sandals? Will anyone tell me?

I am not really worried about these things. Just thinking out loud. I am actually looking forward to getting the senior discount on coffee and pie. I bought myself some snazzy Oil of Olay moisturizer, by the way. It is the most expensive beauty product I think I have ever bought. It is actually pretty AWESOME. It's all velvety soft when I put it on. And, as far as the irons in the picture go, I used the new iron to iron my silk veil for the first time in ...ever. Women, wine, and cheese get better with age. Irons do not.



Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention this. I've had problems with morons harassing me that my drawing is awful and I should stop. Age is a factor to them. I've been told that in spite of being in my 30s, I draw like "an inept two year old".

I honestly don't recall any laws in existence that say you can't draw or bellydance after a certain age. I'm like the artists Henri Matisse and Frank Frazetta who didn't seriously start to paint until they were at least 30.

What I'm trying to say, Ms. Naima, is don't let trolls and nobodies bother you about your dancing, age, or whatnot. They are the ones with the problems, not you.

Charleen said...
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harleygypsy2003 said...

i just turned 55, and am told i still have mini skirt legs. i take glucosamine chondroitin msm,need all to work,and am learning bd, 4-5 x/wk and wo n between. i feel that our wrinkles give us character n our face, we r survivors,and they r proof of our battles/victories. and i sure am glad i heard the old, u better hope that expression doesn't stick, tis true, smiling makes pretty older face. i feel that we just need to take extra better care of ourselves, and if u look good n clothes, it is like people ,mainly hairdressers, saying ,long hair makes one look older, who cares, ask any man, he will prefer that longer hair at any age. so just be u. i like the new gentle retinols, live n sunny area. also loreal makes great stuff for mature skin. riding a bike , i protect skin from wind ,it really ages skin, along with other elements, but i think i will try clinique, will let u know if it is good, my pals r n 70s and 89yo,and they can still show their legs, more if they wanted. u look great, a figured u were n early 30s. if older, no worry. lookin great,girlfriend, keep movin,groovin and just make the most of every stage of journey, like u do, take extra vitamins as recommended for age, nurses' orders, just kiddin. did u know most of the greatest contributions started in peoples' 40s+. still lovin your blog, down 2 earth and enthusiastist about bellydance, and a seamstress, i am impressed. u r an inspiration, chicky.

Kis said...

You're only as old as the person you're holding... unless they're older and then you can take half their age off yours!

I think some of getting older and aging gracefully has to do with acting only a little younger than your age... After all, acting 21 forever won't go over well, in the same way that acting 60 when you're only 30 doesn't work either.

Hip Mix said...

Love this!

I think you'd like this article! Belly Dancers Don't Come With An Expiration Date:

I also recently wrote in my blog about a woman who started belly dancing at 60 years and old and just celebrated her 100th birthday. She's an incredible woman, and so are you!

Have a wonderful weekend!

YIP Crew said...

I love this entry! I've caught myself thinking some of the same things over the past year or two and laughed out loud when I read your post! I'm a huge fan of your blog, by the it all the time! I don't think I've commented before, but I thought I'd let you know that I've talked about your blog on my podcast before, and no doubt will again. Stay awesome!! (I think Episode 42 is the first time your blog came up, in case you were curious.) YIP!! Mary

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