Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We're All Just Paper Dolls

I've been reading Walking in This World in anticipation of a meet up with the Way Ladies this weekend. The first task was to make a list of creative things to do. I put cutting paper snowflakes on my list. After multiple failures of them not looking like they did in my childhood I conceded and Googled how to cut them. Instead of snowflakes I rediscovered how to cut paper doll chains. I made a bellydance paper doll chain of course.

Cute aren't they? I just imagine them as a little dance troupe. Moving together. Getting along. All happy wearing the same color and costume. It's almost as though they are skipping through a field of flowers in Bellydance bliss smiling at one another...

Find instructions here.


Kis said...

oooh! Paper belly dolls!! That's a fantastic little idea... might have to make a few for myself and decorate them!

RetroKali said...

these are neat. Again, I couldn't even draw a stick figure,much less cut one out.