Thursday, December 09, 2010

Holiday Lights

Naima all lit up

I am dancing at a Holiday Hafla in a few weeks which brings to mind one fun way to accessorize for the season aside from the usual red and green costume color choices. Dancing wrapped in LIGHTS!

You need:
  • Battery powered LED light strand. (Mine is an 18-light strand made for "mini" Christmas trees. I paid around $5 at Target.)
  • Batteries
  • 1 old knee high panty hose
  • Safety pin(s)

First, tie a note in the knee high close to the top of the leg hole. This will make a little pocket for the light strand battery pack to fit into. (The first time I danced with lights I had the pack tightly tucked under my belt and managed to shimmy it out. It hit the floor and all the batteries scattered across the room. This is how the knee high pocket came into being.)

Second, fold the knee high inside out tucking the toe and knot all inside. There should be enough room for the battery pack to fit completely inside the pocket. If it doesn't, untie your knot and move it up or down accordingly.

The lights should be pinned inside your skirt not the belt.
Finally, secure the knee high to the inside of your skirt, not the belt, with safety pin(s). I recommend pinning it lower than your belt line instead of directly under it. That way your belt will lay flat and snug while the pocket dangles under the folds of your skirt. Don't forget to pin it with the on/off switch facing a direction you can easily reach. Mine has a switch on the top edge making it easy to stick a finger under my belt and turn it on and off.

Wrap/drape the lights around your body tucking or pinning them to your bra, etc., as desired.

When you are done dancing store your lights without the batteries in the pack. The batteries will last much longer that way. Since the lights are LED, and you dance in them for only a few minutes once or twice a year, the lights should last you an extremely long time as well.

Good luck and have a fun safe holiday season!


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Hip Mix said...

Fun!! Thanks for the how-to. Good luck on your holiday performance, I hope you will post photos!

Hugs and shimmies