Thursday, September 09, 2010

Pics from 23rd Bazaar

Brittney in a costume I fully plan on stealing in the near future.

I managed to snap a handful of pics from the 23rd Annual Bellydance Bazaar. See the rest here.

And now a brief summary of this past week's adventures:
Jeep broke, Jeep towed, Jeep fixed,
Through whole spinach pie in floor upside down, it turned out ok though,
Ate overly priced trout at a bday dinner,
5 month old nephew is disturbingly fond of me,
Walk in the woods (yes, I sprayed with OFF),
Seed ticks,
Mother-in-law officially sees me naked for first time while I scrub ticks off in bathtub,
Wore pajama pants and no underwear for nursing home visit while tick infested clothes were washed.
Currently covered in rash from ticks, chiggers, and/or flea bites, can't tell.


Now watching: The Return of the Living Dead
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Genie of the Shell said...

Aww, bummer about the bug bites! That's awful. But the bellydance bazaar pics look great! I wish there were more events like that where I live.

Naima said...

You should organize your own!