Thursday, September 02, 2010

BD Vlog 12: First Impressions

Workshop and DVD purchases. My first impressions of Totally Turkish, Flawless Floorwork, Killer Ziller, and Belly by Sandra vol 3. (recorded 08/28/10) It's taken me all week to get this video uploaded. I think I've finally worked out all the issues from a recent computer virus on my laptop.

DVD at
RetroKali at


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u r lookin well, sounds like fun, mayb u could explatn how i use video on hlogger,p need cam, have camera only, i am sharin what i have learned from u and bd blogs/videos, we have nohere to teach, i am learning, too. people say i have gift, gof costumes, love it, i can flutter 4 min, now, thanks, suggest brand of videocam, it helps 2 c yourself and improve, for me,gypsy.

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