Friday, February 19, 2010


I have begun turning the drawing from This post into a painting (crappy photo provided by my cell phone). I started the drawing 3 years ago, I got mad at it, and it's been sitting behind a bookshelf collecting dust. I'm not much of a painter but I figure it's better than hiding it behind furniture in frustration.

My latest endeavor, not counting the silver bedlah I'm beading, is to figure out how to make my own custom bra cups. A pretty lofty endeavor I know. But, if I figure out how, do you know how awesome that would be for dancers on a budget and the DYI crowd?! It would be like discovering world peace or sliced bread or how to count a 9/8 rhythm playing zills balancing a sword while dancing on glasses. Ok, maybe not that awesome but pretty damn cool.


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Susan Link said...

I like the motion in the skirt. Keep at it!