Thursday, February 04, 2010

Betty in Silver

She's got Betty Davis eyes.
Here is the latest shot of my silver bra modeled by Betty. I grunted out, "Come on Betty," while trying to move my dress form. So Betty it is. Someday, I will mold Betty a duct tape form that looks more like my figure.

Side strap of bra.

The sides of the bra are 95% done as well. I haven't decided how I want to cover the shoulder straps. I have also dismantled the belt in order to add some darts for a better fit. The inside of the belt is lined with a weird interfacing that reminds me of the pre-made paper mache strips you can buy at the craft store. It left white crusty flakes everywhere went I cut into it.

Lining removed, sequins removed, dart cut into interfacing and top fabric.

Crunchy interfacing material with dart added.

The sequins taped down so they don't fall off before I can re-bead over the dart.

I left my camera in someone else's pants during Visioncon. I should be getting it back this weekend. I haven't been real proactive about it because we've been doing a major overhaul on the house. Imagine the apocalypse and then imagine 10yrs going by. That has been the state of my house. I won't begin to describe how messy and dirty it has become or I will gross you out. We also had a family friend pass away last week. But now I'm getting back to working on my costumes again and planning my next big dance project. Hazzah!


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Carly said...

This is so pretty. And really impressive, I must say. I love it.

Also, though I still don't sew I've been dying to make a duct tape form of myself also. lol. But if you wanted help doing yours maybe that would satisfy me, so let me know! :)