Sunday, December 06, 2009

Making a Ruffled/Lettuce Hem on a Skirt

I've had these pics on my computer for a while and keep forgetting to post them. This shows how I zigzag stitched clear fishing line to the inside hem of a skirt to created a ruffled edge. I held the fishing line in the center of the foot as the needle zigzagged back and forth over the top of it. It was that simple.

You may also see fishing line or something similar stitched under the fold of a rolled hem on chiffon skirts. You can see this on one of my professionally made skirts on this post. Bead work was added after the hem was stitched. The fishing line retains a coiled shape from the spool creating a ruffled lettuce edge around the bottom of the skirt.

Pretty spify, huh?


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Vashti said...

I concur: spiffy. Great photo of the process.