Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jinxy Week Continues: Rain and Greek Night

Naima and Sa'dia looking ractacular for GO Magazine

So we were rained out of the Hootin' and Hollarin' festival on Saturday. The parade was canceled and half of the vendors had closed or packed up to leave. I know this because we walked around in the rain with our umbrellas. When we left our house I put on "comfy" lace slip-ons because it wasn't raining then. My feet were soaked for the next 3 hours.

I drove the 2 hours back in and out of down pours in time to eat and get ready for Greek Night. I met up with Sa'dia, put on my costume, and my bra hook snapped before we left to dance. Luckily, I had a sewing kit and sewed it back on with about 5 minutes to spare before heading out the door.

There was a big crowd of 'non' Greeks who were scared to move from their tables. There was very little tipping or dancing. I totally botched my drum solo by ending and posing before the music was over. The second set went better but we only made $24 each in tips for the whole night. The owner accidentally over paid us $100 at the end of the night but we gave it back because we're cool like that.

The GO Magazine people were there and they took our picture. That was fun but we were both sweaty from dancing. My boobs look all squished from my crappy sewing job. I need to revamp the whole bra anyway. It so doesn't fit right anymore. And yes, I am that much shorter than Sa'dia.

*editor's note: " You both look JUST LIKE a Fifi or a Mona el Said (in Sa'dia's case; sorry, Em, you're too short to play the role of Mona :-)). " - KC. *snarf*
Oh yeah, and it was pouring rain again when we left. I arrived home with wet hermes sandals and I had to wash half of my tips in the sink because of muddy footprints and dirt clumps from the rain.

I was so glad to have the whole jinxed week over with, I started Sunday off by spending $6 on 3 pair of earrings and rose-tinted sunglasses at the dollar store. Things seem to be right in the world again.

I am rereading the post I've just written and it seems jumbled and hard to follow. I apologize in advance for the incoherence. Yeah, this is how my week has been.


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