Thursday, August 06, 2009

First Rehearsal

A hint of my fusion project. Can you guess?

Well, not exactly a rehearsal. More like social hour along with discussing my choreo plans, the music, costuming, etc. for the fusion piece I am doing with 4 other dancers. Everyone seems super excited, digs the music, and is a-okay with the costuming. Yea! I gave everyone a copy of the music so they will have a week to become acquainted with it. We will start full on practice next Wednesday.

On the way home from rehearsal, Ananya and I were driving behind a bunch of idiots on mopeds, without helmets, honking and yelling, jumping up and down on the seat, dragging their feet, swerving back and forth, etc. A real hazard on a 45-50m/hr road full of cars. I wanted to run over the biggest idiot of the group just to prove the point of acting a fool and not wearing a helmet will get you killed.

Unfortunately, I didn't want the sound of his head popping under my tire to be on my conscience and wake me in the middle of the night when I'm in my 80's. But I seriously thought about it.

I am considering stripping some of the furniture out of my bedroom so I have a better practice space.


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