Thursday, July 30, 2009

Zill Muffs

I am working up some crocheted zill muffs to sell at the Workshop and Bazaar in 2 weeks. They are super thin, super light, and stretch to fit your standard 2 inch Nefertiti's but are snug enough they don't slide around or need elastic to hold them on. They look like cute little flowers and I enjoy them much more than the thick ones I was using. Thick muffs completely muff the ring of the zill but dramatically change the way the zills feel and the amount of power you use to strike them together vs no muffs. As a novice, I need the zills to feel as much like they would on stage when I practice.

Here is a sound test so you can hear the difference it makes when you are practicing with and without zill muffs.


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