Monday, July 13, 2009

Welcome Back

Will I ever reach the top?

I've been away from the internet for about 2 weeks now. The first week was part of the reading deprivation of Artist's Way (I'll talk more about this later). The second week being my vacation/birthweek. In order to catch up on the past two weeks without this being a super wordy post or veering too far from the topic of this blog (remember the whole promise of reading about bellydance?) I'll do a recap with some pretty pictures.

Cleaned out my 5x15x10ft closet (see above).

It has it's own window.

Worked on silver bedlah.

Made a work space.

Went to a parade

Watched friends blow stuff up.

Had in this order:
ice cream

Did more work on closet until over-run by green-eyed monster.

Green-eyed monster called in reinforcements and took over work space.

Also, in no particular order:

Ate tacos.

Saw the in-laws.

Sat in dentist office lobby.

Ate even more pizza.

Received b-day wishes and gifts.

Made a collage.

Practiced zills.

Played Red Faction on Xbox with Husband Person.

Watched Lucky #Slevin and The Machine Girl.

Had fight with vacuum and won.

Did some vacuuming.


Wrote a letter and mailed it.

Worked on class notes for BD workshop.

Ate a fortune cookie - “Good things will come to you in due course of time.”

Reread The Velveteen Rabbit.

Did more laundry than you can shake a laundry stick at.

Ate even more, yet different, pizza.

Got a free book at the mall.

Took a BD class on arms with Ananya.

Folded an origami paper crane.

Now we will return to our regularly scheduled blogging loosely related to my bellydance addiction. I have posts about costuming and the Artist's Way coming up!


Now watching: Cowboy Bebop
mood: less pizza


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