Monday, July 27, 2009

Steven Eggers

Take that Tribal Fusion ladies. Let the man show you how it's done.


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Dina said...

something about that is very i have seen men tribal dancers who dance like men and are fabulous...but this idk its a little strange. besides which some days i feel like why can't men stay out of our damn kitchen...this is a dance of the goddess by women, for women. is it bad for me to feel that way?

Naima said...

No, it isn't bad of you to feel that way. Everyone is entitled to get what he or she wants out of BD and you can surround your own dance with the beliefs and feelings that are important to you, whether you are celebrating the feminine goddess or are a lithe young tribal fusion male dancer. I understand your feelings toward male dancers who dance more masculine vs those who do not. That is what appeals to your senses and sensibilities.

I believe Bellydance goes far beyond it's cultural background, feminine mystique, and seemingly underground status and more importantly is about it's base elements of creativity, spirituality, art, dance, and human self expression. I believe those things are important to, and accessible, to all people in BD whether male or female, eastern or western. But, that also makes it hard to share something that has a very specific meaning and importance in your own life with those who cause that thing to have the reverse meaning.

When I first watched the video I first thought, "Wow, he's really good, but he dances like a girl." Then I thought to myself, "What the hell is that supposed to mean. He's a good dancer... but because he dances in a way women usually dance that makes him less of a dancer?! Just because I don't see herds of other men dancing down the street in the same manner means he's doing something wrong..? That's silly. He is a good dancer. Period."

I couldn't help but have this mental conversation with myself because it is part of the culture I grew up in. Male vs Female, etc. But I recognize that, for me, to move the body in a beautiful and meaningful way, whether with a masculine or feminine quality, is a moot point. I see BD as a beautiful form of human communication and the ability to move the body in an articulate and expressive manner appeals to my senses. I can't put gender boundaries on such a thing.