Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Weekend in Review

I took my video camera Saturday night. This is what makes Greek Night awesome!

A. and B. came to the Oneness Center Friday for the Naima Exchange. We worked on hip twist variations and twisting shimmies. We also had a fun discussion on the communication that happens between a BD'er and the audience, *very philosophical*. Then A and I sat and chatted about all of the crazy local politics of BD in the past few years, starting from way back in the day when I danced with Sarrab and she danced with Oasis up through the Beledi years to now, (Craziness!)

A. also gave me a chunk of cool purple and black snake skin fabric and a few yards of string pearls she found on clearance. But best of all, she gave me a disc of BD pics including the time we danced at Dickerson Park Zoo while people sat at tables eating barbecue and looking at us confused, (which I completely forgot about).

GN went well. I started out kind of bummed about dancing to having a great time. I have more GN video from "behind the scenes" to post later.


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