Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend

We went to the in-laws for Memorial Weekend on Friday. We celebrated Grandma C's 92nd birthday on Saturday (which is actually today, May 26th). I finished crocheting my "Doily of Doom" jacket that you see me wearing above. All in all, it was a long, yet quite weekend.

I took a walk after dinner on Saturday even though it sprinkled on me. Here are pics from my adventures.

Where the fairies must hide.

Maple (the Labrador) leads the way back to the hay field.

A rainbow through the sprinkles.

It went all the way across the sky.

If you look real hard, there is a second rainbow above the first, right under that white speck in the sky.

My path.

We built this foot bridge almost 3 years ago for the wedding.

Odie (the Puggle), running full speed my way.

Wild daises in the hay field.

Flowers next to the house.

The allusive Ernie hiding in the attic.

Billy Bob

I caught a blurry humming bird on the porch.

This will be a busy BD weekend for me. I am doing a Naima Exchange at the Oneness center again on Friday. Followed by Greek Night on Saturday. I have to pick out music in the next few days for my solos. I also need to do a costume check. I've been neglecting some much needed repairs on my old bedlah. I also hope to get some more beading done on the Silver bedlah.

Back to work, ZOOM!


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OH! I almost forgot, the husband person let me cut his hair Friday. It has been growing out for a few years now. I almost forgot what he looks like with it, well, shorter at least. I keep staring at him. =P

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Melody said...

So peaceful! It looked like you had a good weekend! I am glad!

That puggle is adorable!

I want to go to Greek night and not to that other place on Saturday!