Monday, February 02, 2009

Workshops? Anyone? Bueller?

I must go to a workshop this year.
One that I am not being paid to be at.
One that I can get in a car full of my BD friends and have a grand time.

I have no idea which/what workshop to go to. I am 99% positive that I will go see Princess Farhana in May since she will be so close, (Buffalo, MO). But it would also be nice to go on a road trip for a workshop. No where super far. Just an overnighter or something.

So what workshops are you (the BD'ers reading this) going to this year? I need suggestions.


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Najla said...

Living in Texas, we're really lucky to have multiple options for great workshops close to home. I'll be heading (at a minimum) to:

Austin Bellydance Convention (June 5-7) featuring Yasmina Ramzy (;
Ya Halla Y'all (August 13-16);;
HOT Dance Camp ( really is a camp), Oct. 8-11 with Sadie (

It's funny you mention this because I've been thinking of heading somewhere out of state to go to some workshops as well ;-)


Sydney Hell said...

Come out to California and go to Belly Dancer of the Universe, or Ciro Carnival with me!

cinderelly said...

i want to take a veils workshop at saqra's showcase in april, and there will be another i will take with tamalyn dalal, not sure what or when, but it's tamalyn dalal!

Naima said...

I keep up with Ozma's blog,, and Mishaal has brought in a lot of Turkish and Rom teachers to Japan lately. Ahmet Lulechi and Eva Cernik are the most recent. I would like to take classes in these styles.

And I most definitely could use a BD boot camp to kick my ass into shape.

Natalia said...

St Louis a great distance for an overnight trip. :)

I can think of two great workshops scheduled for StL this year. Aalim is sponsoring Aziza on March 21 and 22, and Simone's Seventh Veil is sponsoring Fahtiem on October 3 and 4.

I went to Shimmyfest in Fayetteville, AK last year, and had a *blast*. This year, it's scheduled for July 24 and 25, and the instructor will be Shanna of Little Rock (who is simply *amazing*, I've taken a workshop with her and got a lot from it)