Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Visioncon Call to Springfield Dancers

Visioncon is looking for local Bellydancers for next January. See the below abbreviated email from Karen Culp.
Visioncon will be Jan. 23-25, here in Springfield at the Clarion Hotel. Events go on all through the day and night, as many of you know, and right now the schedule is pretty fluid, so I'm just asking if you'd be interested in dancing at the 'con and if you'd let me know in general what you'd have to offer: a solo #, a group "set" of several dances, etc. I'm also asking you to save those dates, if you're interested in dancing.
Visioncon, as most of you know, is a science fiction, gaming, fantasy and media convention, and it's a lot of fun. For more info, you can look at
Troupe leaders, if your troupe can't come, but individual dancers of yours would be interested, have 'em contact me.
This is not like an ArtsFest or something where one group is "chosen" to represent belly dance. Think of it more as a citywide belly dance "show" where anyone who is interested can participate :-).
Please let me know by end of day Saturday if you're interested. Again, you don't have to have your whole show planned for it at this point, just a simple, "yeah we're available and interested" or "no, thanks" will suffice!
If you are interested please contact Karen Culp (or me if you need Karen's info).


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