Monday, June 23, 2008

Help Me Help You

How many Goth kids does it take to hang a curtain?

Now playing: Final Fantasy the Spirits Within
Mood: Zac's salty balls, lol

I'm gonna put myself back on the wagon. I am going to start drilling every week and get my muscles back into shape.

My b-day is in two weeks and I will get to have dinner at Lambert's. YEA!

On a totally random note, is there a male equivalent to MILF? You know, for dudes over 40 that are still hot? I tried looking on but got lost. If not, I say it should be CBMD, (Could Be My Daddy) *wink *wink
Cheesy maybe, but I'm out of cool hip lingo ideas.


1 comment:

Carly Ann said...

Who are you going to Lamberts with? I was going to ask if you wanted to go with me. :)

PS - I'm working on my lip synching. It's harder than I thought!