Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sashi Pics 'n stuff

Pic of Sashi 11/16/07

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I have the hacking crud…AGAIN!
Since last Monday.
Don’t ask. I don’t know. I’m just crawling with disease. Please shoot me.

Sashi was fab this past Saturday. Ananya and I spent time on the phone trying to figure out how to put together some costuming for Sashi because her luggage was lost by the airport. But alas, it showed up and the day was saved. Good thing too, ‘cause Naima and Ananya size is not “one-size-fits-Sashi.”

Seeing her dance with the vinyl face mask was both creepy and really cool. It made you really focus on her eyes. It reminded me of wearing beak-like masks similar to the one worn by Helene Eriksen (sorry, can’t find a pic) for a Persian number and you could make all kinds of distorted faces and frown and no one in the audience could tell. I was able to see the heavy ATS influence she has along with her gothic fusion style. Comes from studying in California I bet.

Maharet was there too. She and her husband just closed on a new property and she is pretty sure she is going to change the venue for my May workshop to this new place. It will save her lots ‘o monies. If so, I will post it once details are solidified.

Here is a random BD event I got in the mail, spread the love…

· Dec. 1st, 2007, Open House @ Cartouche’s Belly Dancers’ Garage
1344 Massachusetts St. Lawrence, KS., 12pm-5pm.

Happy Thanksgiving All!

Remember to give thanks bellydance is in your life.
Do a little dance. Eat a little turkey. Take a little nap. Have a little pie…ok, lot of pie. Do a little dance…

You get the idea.


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