Thursday, October 11, 2007

Light the Night 2007

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Ok, you know you’re a dork when you take a picture of bellydancers in cover-ups talking to a young girl and it immediately reminds you of Ring Wraiths surrounding a hobbit.

Light the Night went well. I was able to video Racherche’ before the sun went down. I got to see some of the ladies I haven’t seen in forever and even walked the mile with them before heading to work at the club. The performance had a nice even mix of modern, folkloric, group, and solo pieces, just enough of each to keep the audience’s attention. Everyone looked really nice, good costuming and good choreography.

(costume: in progress)
I managed to get some orange thread and ribbon. I think I am ready to tackle the yellow costume again now that I have my complimentary color pieces.

REMEMBER! This weekend is the Ariellah workshop! Hope to see some friends there.


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Jason said...

Ooooooooh, I really like how the yellow costume is turning out! Great job! :-)