Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ariellah Highlights

pic: Ariellah and the coolest mask ever.

(This post was written almost two weeks ago. I finally am on the same computer as the pics so I can upload them.)
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Friday night’s Snake Charmer Soiree had a bit of a late start but had a lovely turn out. There was a shimmy contest, costume contest, and tons of dancing. Most people stayed until after 11pm. Quite a few of my dance friends came to GX for the first time that night. I myself didn’t get out of the club and in bed until 4am. Five hours of sleep later I was up and dressed heading to the Ariellah workshop. It was in a nice clean carpeted room at the Baymont near the airport. I made it a point to try and stay far from the vending so I wouldn’t be temped by things I couldn’t afford. Ariellah started us off with some core strengthening yoga and drills.

AAHHH! Hold on….just dumped frappuccino down my shirt…looking for napkin…Ok, anyway…

You wanna know what sucks? Tribal arms. You know, with your elbows “up”. Holy cow, I suck at them. Well, I mean, they look good, but only for the first 30 seconds or so until the intense fatigue sets in. Aside from that, I feel I have pretty good form considering I’m pretty out of shape for such a muscular based BD style.

We broke for lunch and when I went to the bathroom I noticed the front of my right thigh was numb and tingling as if it were asleep. It initially freaked me out because I hadn’t noticed it at all until the motion of pulling my pants down over it gave it that weird prickling that happens when your foot falls asleep. I must have pinched a nerve during the morning exercises. I decided to sit out for the second half of the workshop and just take notes and within five minutes of sitting there I started to doze off. So I snuck out the back and went home for a nap before the show that night.

The show was much better than the one last year. And, I was able to get more workshop time the next morning when Ariellah taught another choreography. I sat it out though because my leg was still numb. Actually, it is still kind of numb today but not nearly as bad. (editors note: numbness lasted about a week. It is gone now.) As usual, my pics are crummy. If any of you want to buy me a camera with more than 4.2 pixels I promise to take better ones. I prefer Sony, btw.

Saturday, after the show, some of the ladies came back out to GX and had a grand time. I am posting a few pics but will leave off the names, LOL! It did feel kind of weird just to stand back and watch everyone have a good time, but in reality, I was working. I was there to clean tables, keep an eye on the trash, make sure no one walks out the door with an open container, help out the bartender, wash dishes, etc. Not so much to hang out and party.

(Wow, I guess I didn't finish writing this post. It just kinda stops, huh? Oh well.)



Karen C. said...

Oh my god, I knew those photos had to be somewhere!! I just happened to think "I haven't looked at Emily's blog in a while" and so found pictures of my own slightly drunk ass. Could have been worse, and they gave me a laugh.
Karen C.

Naima said...

These aren't the only pics that exist. There was another camera, MWAHAHAHA!