Thursday, August 16, 2007

You have mail

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mood: casseroles (green bean, mac n cheese, tuna noodle, something that requires baking in a large pan)

I checked the mail Tuesday to find not one, but two bellydance goodies waiting for me. Well 3 if you count one package had 2 things inside.

On the left is the awesome coin necklace I ordered with my bday gift certificate from Dahlal. On the right is the note pad and CD I got from the Shimmycast forum contest. You are jealous, no?

I tried to take pictures with the necklace on but just ended up with a bunch of scary sideways pictures with my double chin showing and my messy house in the background. So I gave up and put it on my dress mannequin.

I think my Jim Boz review is done. I just need to double check the spelling, etc. and will be posting it soon.

I'm off to my second job.



Anonymous said...

Ridiculous..this is what happens when americans try to belly dance...

Crystal said...

I think you probably need a bigger necklace- that one isn't quite noticable! :) (Also- I love it!)